Case Studies.

NBC Universal Studios Vacation Package

Having a history of accomplished undertakings, RoloniumLabs has proven its proficiency in achieving outstanding outcomes for well-known clientele. When Universal Studios Engineering assigned us the task of completing their online vacation package workflow, we placed significant emphasis on improving ADA compliance and strictly following design protocols, despite facing a demanding 12-month deadline. Our main goal was to craft a seamless and captivating journey for numerous visitors to

Westgate Resorts

We led the way in revolutionizing Westgate Resorts' internal Content Management System (CMS) for their website. Our goal was to introduce a cutting-edge and up-to-date management system, replacing the current one. Through our redesign efforts, we brought a modern and innovative approach to their CMS, guaranteeing effortless content administration across their web pages.

Applied Data Corp

We were given the task of completely renovating Applied Data Corp's (ADC - Now Upshop) outdated web application, which had been in use for 27 years. Our objective was to give it a fresh new look and improve the user experience, catering to both tech-savvy individuals and those less familiar with technology. By integrating modern design elements and optimizing performance, we successfully transformed ADC's online presence into a captivating and user-friendly platform. This revamp led to economic growth and increased user satisfaction.

FollowMyHealth by Allscripts

Our partnership with FollowMyHealth had the objective of enhancing their patient engagement platform while adhering to stringent HIPAA regulations, enabling people to take an active role in managing their well-being. By implementing contemporary design principles and cutting-edge technologies, we undertook a thorough redesign to provide a user-friendly and dynamic platform that seamlessly connects healthcare providers and patients. Our extensive software transformation led to a remarkable increase in user adoption, surpassing the one million user milestone after previously having only a few hundred users.

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